Pulsar brand ambassadors: from writer to professional roller-skater, and female train driver

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Alge Ramanauskiene

Pulsar is launching a 2022 European brand ambassadors’ program for hunters and content creators ready to test and evaluate new Pulsar products, create video, photography, and written content. On this occasion, we take a look back at the first and long-awaited meeting of Pulsar brand ambassadors that took place at the end of last year. Hunting enthusiasts from around Europe spent three days with the Pulsar team testing new devices, attending content creation courses, and sharing unique personal hunting stories with our team and each other.

A multicultural group of personalities gathered in Vilnius. Everyone with a different background and stories to tell. We were joined by the Icelander Jon Runar Gudjonsson who has a solid experience in outdoor marketing, photography, and videography. Raised by the harsh winds of Iceland Jon now lives in Denmark and hunts mostly in Sweden as well as all over the world.

Stefan Orman from Sweden does a great job educating the staff of Pulsar retailers in his homeland. A former USD flow team aggressive in-line skater and now active shooting instructor is also an avid tester of Pulsar devices. Danish hunter Christian Rysgaard writes articles on night optics for top notch hunting magazines in Denmark and England, some of them with more than 100k readers. As a side hobby, Christian enjoys writing novels.

The Southern part of Europe was represented by Italian photographer and writer Riccardo Tamburini. Riccardo collaborates with the most famous Italian and foreign hunting magazines and takes gorgeous photos documenting his hunting experiences.

The two British prostaffers, Phil Taylor and Lee Perryman run a few popular Facebook groups for hunters and support people with their insight on Pulsar devices. As well as their geographical “neighbor” Aidan Campbell from Northern Ireland, a former actor who proved to be a great singer as well.

German photographer Patrick Goretzky collaborates with a large publishing group writing articles for hunting magazines. Patrick has a passion for food photography and was keen on telling stories about his hunting companion Dachshund Theo. His homelanders Dr. Henrik Sproedt and Felix Pebler do a great job promoting Pulsar devices on their social networks and local hunter communities in Germany.

The Polish prostaffers were represented by Krysztof Turowski and the youngest member of the team, Julia Nowak. Raised in a family of hunters, Julia is now studying in Sweden but never leaves her greatest hobby – hunting – aside. While the other female hunter Erica Victoria Egonsson from Sweden is a great example of women breaking all kinds of stereotypes. Erica is an avid hunter and a train driver. And she loves both!

The adventure in Vilnius kicked off with a visit to the Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide headquarters. Here, the Pulsar prostaffers were introduced to the history and achievements of the company. A lot of positive emotions were voiced during the visit to the manufacturer where the guests were able to observe how their beloved devices are assembled and tested.

After relocating to the picturesque Paliesius manor complex, the Pulsar brand ambassadors spent a joyful afternoon at a shooting range testing their accuracy and enjoying meals of venison.

Later that night, the prostaff team had the chance to try out the new Pulsar day and night vision digital riflescope, the Digex C50, which they described as an unforgettable experience. They also did late-night testing of additional Pulsar devices in the Paliesius manor surroundings.

The next morning, the guests were eager to share their ideas and recommendations on how to improve the Pulsar products many of them used in their hunts. The discussion took much longer than planned and was mutually beneficial and meaningful.

It was extremely interesting to hear a story about the image and mission of a modern hunter by the Icelandic guest Jon Runar Gudjonsson.

After the many unforgettable experiences, shared stories, and songs sung together, the hunters admitted to feeling like they were members of one big Pulsar family and waved goodbye with a confident: “See you soon at the next meeting!”

Would you like to take your chances and become Pulsar brand ambassador?

Here’s what we’re looking for and what you get back in return.

Who are we looking for?

Pulsar brand ambassadors are experts in their field creating quality content, honest reviews as well as providing equipment and hunting tips. A brand ambassador will create content to help increase Pulsar brand awareness, traffic drive and spread our message. Above all, you are an excellent steward for the hunting and outdoors community by always practicing ethical hunting. 

What does an ambassador do?

We ask our brand ambassadors to:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Support
  • Provide reviews
  • Share stories of success


All the above is achieved through quality content, like pictures, videos, blog posts and articles. We value your creativity! You will also have the opportunity to represent Pulsar at industry events like sponsored hunts, trade shows and competitions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Annual credit towards Pulsar product purchases
  • Welcome package with clothing, gun-mats and other materials
  • Test and evaluate units throughout the year
  • Special product discounts
  • Monthly and quarterly top performer awards
  • Benefits for each post, article or mention


What’s the timing?

Please make sure to complete the application until January 22, 2022, to be considered for the European brand ambassador program. All selected candidates will be granted with 1 year membership, with new applications opening same time next year.

The final decision to accept a candidate is at the sole discretion of Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide. If you have any questions, please drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Click here to applicate for Pulsar brand ambassador program.

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